Five specialty treads introduced by Oliver Rubber

Aug. 23, 2006

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. and its subsidiary Oliver Rubber Co. have introduced five new specialty-designed treads: ­the XS-D, DPW, ULP-Drive, ULP-Rib and Winter Trac II.

Oliver's XS-D tread is built with a new compound called Xxtra-Tuff designed for severe off-road service applications, providing solid traction, strength and durability, the company says. It is available in 210mm (8.5N), 220mm (9), 230mm (9.5) and 240mm (10.5) sizes with a deep 30/32-inch tread depth, and is recommended where 70% or more off-road severe service is required.

This tread fits most tire sizes used on construction and specialty-use vehicles, including 11R22.5, 11R24.5 and 315/80R22.5.

The new DPW (Drive Position Waste) tread is designed to perform in a multitude of on/off-road applications. Molded with a new tread compound called Tri-Cor, DPW resists chipping and cutting and delivers long mileage.

The DPW tread has a deep tread designed for 30% off-road and 70% on-road applications and is available in 210-250mm (8.5N-12) and 270mm (14) sizes with 26/32-, 30/32- and 32/32-inch tread depths.

Oliver's ULP (Ultra Low-Profile) Single-Wide treads --­ the ULP-Drive and the ULP-Rib ­-- feature VDiplus (a Visual Depth Indicator) and a stone ejector that reduces retention of foreign objects in the tread face.

Both treads feature V-shaped grooves and eight circumferential grooves, providing optimum wear stability and maneuverability benefits. The ULP-Rib has a 16/32-inch tread depth, while the ULP-Drive has a 24/32-inch tread depth.

The ULP-Rib has see-through grooves that reduce rolling resistance and promote long wear, while the ULP-Drive has individual tread lugs that provide forward and reverse traction. The treads are designed to fit tire sizes 445/50R22.5 and 455/55R22.5.

The newly modified Winter Trac II tread design delivers long tread wear at a low cost per mile, reports the company. In addition to offering long tread wear, the Winter Trac II delivers winter traction in any road condition.

Geared for single- or tandem-axle drive tractors, the full depth sipes provide ice, snow, mud and wet traction throughout the entire life of the tread. The size coverage includes the 220mm (9), with the 210mm (8.5N) available later this year.