Automotive Training Institute teams with AAA

Sept. 13, 2006

The Automotive Training Institute (ATI) was recently named an "Automotive Preferred Supplier" for the American Automobile Association (AAA).

ATI will provide management and consulting services through a one-day "Cash Profits Boot Camp," which features program materials and content customized for AAA and CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) service providers.

The Boot Camp is designed to help shop owners gain a better understanding of their businesses from a financial perspective. Its goal is to help them develop growth and marketing strategies, retain their existing customer bases, attract new business and improve overall shop efficiency.

In addition to gaining valuable insights into overall business practices, shop owners will receive a customized on-site business analysis, including a profit and loss review and a "Roadmap for Success."

The seminar fee, in U.S. dollars, is $397 net (after a $300 scholarship) per shop owner and may include two additional decision makers associated with the shop owner's business. Shop owners who then desire more in-depth assistance can enroll in ATI's Re-Engineering Program.

For the current Boot Camp schedule, visit