TireMaster POS software gives dealers a choice

Nov. 20, 2006

ASA Tire Systems recently released TireMaster POS, a new version of its standard TireMaster software.

According to ASA, many smaller tire dealers expressed a need for a "tire specific," high-quality, budget-priced software system -- one that offers tire dealers the option to implement more comprehensive automation as their business grows.

TireMaster POS software contains point-of-sale, inventory control, accounts receivable, vehicle history and customer management functions. It also has a recommended-services checklist.

As a dealer's business evolves, the software can be upgraded to include a marketing module and a full accounting system that includes a general ledger, check register, and accounts payable tools. National account processing programs, fitment guides, labor estimators and credit-card processing programs also can be added.

For a limited time, TireMaster POS is available for $995, 66% less than the orginal price. "We are not sure how long we will run this special introductory price, but the response has been overwhelming," says Wayne Croswell, president of ASA Tire Systems.