Double Coin tires chosen as OE for trucks and buses

Jan. 4, 2007

China Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA) reports International Truck and IC Corp., both Navistar Companies, will begin placing Double Coin brand radial tires on several platforms of International-built Class 4 to 8 vehicles and IC Corp. buses.

“International Truck and IC Corp.’s global position and global sourcing initiatives are a perfect match for the high-quality tires supplied by CMA LLC," says Larry Williams, CEO of CMA.

“The global tire shortage has affected many truck companies, and ultimately, truck customers,” says Tom Akers, vice president, purchasing and logistics for International. “International is committed to putting our customers miles ahead on the road and in business. Because Double Coin is able to meet International’s production needs and strict quality standards at an affordable cost, we’re pleased to add them as a tire supplier.”

CMA’s Williams adds, “Double Coin truck tires have long been a standard fitment at many of China’s truck and bus OEMs and hold a strong market share in the growing Asian replacement market. Since 1997, Double Coin products have been enhancing North American dealer and fleet’s cost per mile by providing tire products, sizes and tread patterns that are designed to meet our rugged domestic performance objectives. The position at International Truck and IC Corp. will enhance the presence of Double Coin tires throughout North America.”