Oliver introduces specialty application tread

Jan. 9, 2007

Oliver Rubber Co., a subsidiary of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., has introduced its newest specialty application tread -- the APWs.

The APWs features a large, aggressive tread pattern with three circumferential, self-cleaning grooves designed to provide long mileage. It also has a deep tread depth.

The wide squared-off solid shoulders are hallmarks of the tread, which also includes stone ejection capabilities to further protect the casing and your investment. The APWs retread is ideally suited for the steer axle, according to Oliver, but also is suitable for drive and trailer positions.

"It's a highly engineered tread for tough applications that encounter cornering and scrubbing," says the company. "It compliments a reliable lineup of special service application treads."

The tread also features a technologically advanced tread compound called Tri-Cor and Oliver's exclusive tread VDiplus concept. VDiplus reduces foreign material retention and decreases the usual stone drilling conditions and casing penetration issues that typically occur in specialty applications.

Available in sizes ranging from 220 mm (9) to 270 mm (14), the APWs is designed for 70% on-road and 30% off-road applications.