Goodyear Dealer Conference, Day Two: Make way for the 'fabulous five'

Feb. 4, 2007

"In the past, some of our tire brands tripped over each other in your screens," said Jack Winterton to dealers attending the Goodyear "Drive '07" Dealer Conference.

Not anymore. Winterton, vice president and general manager of channel sales for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.'s North American Tire operations, said the company will concentrate on what he calls the "fabulous five" after exiting the private brand wholesale business last year.

Not surprisingly, the top three brands were Goodyear, Kelly and Dunlop. The Republic line, which Goodyear has been building the last few years, was number four.

Remington was the fifth brand. SURE Tire Co. relinquished the marketing rights to Remington to Goodyear at the end of 2006.

Winterton also helped introduce two new Goodyear tires. The Eagle F1 All Season, with its Carbon Fiber sidewall construction, will be available beginning in July (see "Goodyear Dealer Conference, Day Two: The mystery tire is the Eagle F1 All Season," Feb. 4).

The next generation Wrangler SR-A line features the company's new WetTrac technology. It is backed by a 50,000-mile limited tread wear warranty. In addition, 25 sizes will be added to the line's existing 15 original equipment-driven sizes this fall.

Fewer SKUs, more concentrated brands and "improved product vitality" are three ways the company is making it easier for the dealer to do business with Goodyear, said Jon Rich, North American Tire president, during Saturday's opening general session.