Goodyear Dealer Conference, Day Two: From Europe with love (and plenty of biting edges)

Feb. 4, 2007

The new Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance winter tire will be available to North American dealers "prior to the 2007-2008 winter season," says the company.

Designed in Europe, the performance winter tire features the following:

* patented TredLock microgrooves, designed to open and close and, when necessary, lock together to adapt to changing winter conditions, including snow- and ice-covered roads;

* an asymmetric tread pattern, with deep, biting grooves for water dispersion;

* advanced silica technology, which helps create a "traction-enhanced tire surface geared to assist traction and provide balance and control in winter conditions."

Additionally, the tread pattern incorporates a dual, noise-pitching sequence to help the tire ride quietly and comfortably.

The Ultra Grip Performance tire will be available in 17 V-rated sizes. Goodyear says the size lineup is intended to fit a broad range of touring and performance vehicles.

Goodyear also introduced a dedicated winter tire for SUVs -- the Ultra Grip SUV. It, too, will be available next winter.

The size lineup will target vehicles such as the BMW X5, Range Rover and Infiniti Q45.