Continental's sleek ad campaign features new tag line

March 21, 2007

Continental Tire North America Inc.'s new "C3 -- Conti Curves Campaign" has a sophisticated look and feel, plus an emphasis on the "Conti" name.

The stylish new ads not only feature an elegant black and classic Conti yellow color scheme, but also the re-introduced Continental horse logo. The initial ads are designed to convey the following messages:

* Conti Extreme Desire.

* Conti Pure Attraction.

* Conti Aggressive Style.

* Conti Sophisticated Style.

* Conti Intense Rubber.

* Conti 220-MPH Intensity.

"We designed these ads to be elegant, provocative and sophisticated, much like our Continental brand tires," says Travis Roffler, director of marketing for Continental. "They bring our brand an emotionally charged feel, and tell the story more in imagery than in words."

Each ad is geared toward individual target audiences. For example, the "Conti Intense Rubber" ad sports a photo of a Lamborghini riding on Continental's ContiSportContact 3 tires, while "Conti Extreme Desire" has a shot of a Mercedes-Benz with Giovanna Wheels and ContiSportContact 3 tires.

The "Conti 220 MPH Intensity" ad photo is a racing Porsche with ContiSportContact 2 VMAX tires. "Conti Pure Attraction" features a photo of a Chevy Tahoe and Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tires. "Conti Sophisticated Style" simply showcases the Continental horse logo.

Additional ads will be added to the campaign as the year progresses.

"The campaign will roll out with a multi-million dollar advertising buy that includes Primedia, HFM, Harris Publications and DUB magazine," adds Roffler.

"Continental is the flagship brand of the corporation and this extensive advertising campaign is designed to accelerate its premium position in the market," says Andreas Gerstenberger, executive vice president of sales and marketing.