Coker Tire releases American Classic for VW Beetles

April 16, 2007

Coker Tire is now offering a wide whitewall radial designed to lend a cool, retro look to Volkswagen’s modern version of its popular Beetle model, the company says.

The American Classic tire gives 1998 to 2007 VW Beetles the classic look of wide whitewalls with the performance and handling of a new, modern radial tire. It is available in an S-speed-rated, 205/55R16 size that features a 1.5-inch whitewall.

It has an all-season tread design and, "with its vintage-look whitewall configuration, delivers a great retro alternative for owners who want to enhance their car’s classic, timeless design and re-create the panache of the original VW Beetle," the company says.

“No other single car model has captured the imagination and the hearts of auto enthusiasts like the VW Beetle,” says President Corky Coker. “Originally manufactured for the masses, its signature shape remains brilliantly simple. Today it may be the only car design instantly recognizable by everyone –- from young kids to great-grandparents.”