New RMA bulletin addresses used tires

May 29, 2007

The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) has issed a Tire Information Service Bulletin to address used tires that have an unknown history of use, maintenance and storage conditions.

The bulletin applies to used tires purchased as replacement tires or as equipped on a used vehicle.

"Used tires may have been exposed to improper service, maintenance or storage conditions and may have been damaged, which could eventually lead to tire failure," say RMA officials.

The RMA urges that used tires not be purchased, sold, or installed if they exhibit punctures or penetrations (whether repaired or not), inner liner or bead damage, evidence of internal separation, indication of underinflation or overload, and other conditions.

The RMA Tire Information Service Bulletin, Volume 45, Number 1, Passenger Car and Light Truck Used Tires can be downloaded for free online at