Michelin introduces new MXV4 -- footwear, that is

May 31, 2007

Michelin North America Inc. continues to extend its brand name beyond tires. Its latest non-tire product? A casual footwear line.

The introduction comes on the heels of successful North American launches of its line of industrial work boots; Babolat pro tennis shoes with Michelin technology; and frameless, all-weather wiper blades. In 2005, the company licensed a line of wheel and tire care products.

The Michelin MXV4 footwear line, which shares a name with its new Primacy MXV4 performance touring tire, features two outsoles (inspired by the tire tread sculpture of the same name) and full-grain premium leather uppers in variety of different styles and colors.

"Footwear industry insiders and consumers will continue to see many of Michelin's popular tire-tread sculptures creatively captured in footwear outsoles,' says Tom Costin, CEO and president of Michelin Footwear. "When wearing them, it's easy to recognize the benefits of each sculpture's design are directly in line with the type of footwear and its performance needs."

Additional features of the MXV4 footwear include the following:

* a patented Advanced Rear Suspension cushioning system for a comfortable heel strike. The multi-chambered, shock-absorbing heel pad is positioned between the insole and midsole.

* traditional hand-sewn components that retain the shape and integrity over the life of the shoe.

* an Agion antimicrobial forefoot liner designed to provide effective odor control and resistance to fungal-related foot disorders over the life of the shoe.

The MXV4 footwear line will carry a "Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price" range of $79-$120 (U.S. dollars). It will be available in specialty retail stores and upscale department stores throughout the United States and Canada beginning in the fall.

Michelin Footwear is a division of Gear Six Technologies LLC, Michelin's official worldwide licensee for footwear. It is being distributed by IGE 3 Corp., a division of Geoffrey Allen Corp.