American Commercial Tire Network supports TRIB -- again

June 3, 2007

The American Commercial Tire Network (ACTN) has continued its strong support of the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB). The 17-member network has been a TRIB member since 2004.

"We are delighted at the continued strong endorsement of TRIB by the members of ACTN," says Managing Director Harvey Brodsky. "Since we have a policy of not disclosing the amount of dues payments TRIB receives from its members, we cannot mention the amount of their contribution for 2007, but suffice to say it is very significant...."

According to Brodsky, many members of the ACTN already individually support TRIB. "Their additional support as a group indicates to us how important they view TRIB's contribution to the well-being of the retread industry, and we appreciate that."

Members of the ACTN are Belle Tire Distributors, Bob Sumerel Tire, Boulevard Tire, Commercial Tire, Cross-Midwest Tire, Custom Bandag, McCarthy Tire, McGriff Tire, Mileage Masters Inc., Parkhouse Tire, Pete's Tire Barn, Pomp's Tire Service, Raben Tire, Redburn Tire, Snider Tire, Tire Rama and Valley Tire.

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