Grismer Tire celebrates 75th anniversary

June 11, 2007

Dayton, Ohio-based Grismer Tire Co. is celebrating its 75th year in a variety of ways, including holding blood drives at some of its stores.

"If you give us a pint of blood, we'll give you five quarts of oil," says Grismer Tire 's John Marshall. (Marshall was Modern Tire Dealer's 2003 Tire Dealer of the Year.)

The drive is being held in conjunction with the Dayton Community Blood Center. The goal is to collect 750 units, says Marshall. "We'll be running the promotion all year long."

Grismer also will hold different sales promotions throughout the rest of the year to mark its anniversary.

Grismer Tire was founded in 1932 by Adam Grismer, a Dayton-area businessman. It was purchased by John's father, Charles Marshall, later that year. The company is run by John Marshall and his brother, Charles "Rusty" Marshall, its president.

Internal activities are planned as well, notes John. "We will be holding a big event for employees and their families in conjunction with the Dayton Air Show in late July."