Mermaids and ninjas have to buy tires, too

June 13, 2007

The relaunch of the General tire brand is continuing with a new ad campaign that will roll out starting this month. It is aimed at strengthening General's new branding message of "progressive products" that are technology-driven and reliable.

The series of ads is designed to bring an edgier look and feel to the traditional General tire brand. They are targeted to specific market segments, but tied together with "The tire choice of..." tagline.

* An attractive mermaid and a ninja are featured on ads touting the wet traction and performance characteristics, respectively, of the General Exclaim UHP tire. They target the sport compact and tuner markets.

* The company's Grabber SUV/light truck line is promoted through two ads. An extreme, barefooted rock-climber is associated with the tagline, "The tire choice of: Living on the Edge." A night-time urban/industrial image backs "The tire choice of: Late Night Rendezvous." Both target the sport truck market.

* A fifth legacy ad with the tag, "The tire choice of: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same," is a collage of old and new vehicle images, recalling General's 90-year history. The ad targets the broad consumer and hot rod/muscle car market.

"Competition in the tire industry is fierce, so we designed these ads to grab consumers and make them take notice of the revitalized General tire brand," says Dana Zamalloa, manager of public relations and communications for Continental Tire North America Inc.'s PLT Replacement Sales and Marketing group.

The campaign will debut in Primedia and APG consumer automotive publications beginning in the June on-sale date publications.

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