Hennessy introduces premium Coats tire changer

June 19, 2007

Hennessy Industries' newest addition to its APX tire changer family -- the COATS APX80 A/E Rim Clamp -- is a premium unit with power helper devices that provide flexibility for easily servicing both standard and larger tires.

“With the APX80, we have created a machine that helps shops handle the most popular assemblies as well as tough, high-performance tires and wheels,” said Andrew Vecci, Hennessy’s group marketing manager for tire-service solutions.

The APX80 also features optional upgrades to make servicing very large diameter, run-flat and low-profile tires jobs even easier, the company says.

“The APX80 also has intuitive operator-friendly controls that minimize the technician learning curve,” Vecci added.

Features and benefits of the APX80 include:

* Clamping capacity of nine-inch to 30-inch external and 11-inch to 32-inch internal.

* Industry-prevailing rim clamp style operation means a short learning curve for technicians.

* Applies smart ergonomics, with intuitive controls located at the point of actuation -– requires only one operator regardless of tire size/difficulty.

* Can easily handle special applications such as negative offset or reverse-mount rims without additional adapters.

The APX80 was built with helper devices to make servicing the toughest wheels an easy task while reducing operator effort. The technician can use all, some or no helpers at all depending on the particular job to ensure maximum efficiency.

* Three-position bead loosener that enables complete power-in, power-out and stop-control over the bead-loosening shoe for increased productivity.

* A RoboArm that applies direct pressure from the cylinder to create bead lock and provide extra leverage on run-flat and low-profile tires.

* Duckhead roller that keeps the bead in drop center on run-flat and low-profile tires.

* Horizontal power rollers that provide easy bead and rim lubrication, assist in mounting, and demount athe lower bead without a tire tool.

For more information, see www.ammcoats.com.