Hennessy offers onboard training unit for tire changers

July 18, 2007

Hennessy Industries' COATS OnBoard Operator Training (COBOT) accessory brings wheel service training directly to the service technician.

The COBOT optional accessory is mounted on COATS APX90, 50xx and 70xx series rim clamp tire changers, providing a video tutorial of the operation at the point of service.

“We recognize the problems our customers face when it comes to training,” says Kevin Keefe, director of marketing for Hennessy Industries. “Training requires time and money. The COBOT enables the technician to perform the work while being trained at the same time, which will keep our customers one step ahead of the competition.”

The COBOT provides step-by-step operating instructions courtesy of a video screen on the machine, enabling the technician to actually follow along in real time. The tutorials encompass all major operational aspects of the machine including mounting and demounting, in addition to servicing the Michelin PAX System.

Another example of Hennessy Industries’ commitment to helping service managers provide training in easy and affordable ways is Hennessy University, the company says.

Hennessy University, which is available at www.ammcoats.com, is a free Web-based operator training application for COATS wheel-service equipment and accessories. It offers a variety of modules such as dynamic balancing, tire and rim diagnostics, and coning methods.

In addition, by logging in to Hennessy University and completing courses, technician progress and test results can be tracked.

“Tire technicians must be proficient in the use of their equipment in order for our customers to keep their competitive edge,” Keefe adds. “We are committed to helping our customers learn to use our products in a way that is both timely and cost-efficient. Our training services are designed with this promise in mind.”