KYB prepares to launch annual dealer promotion with feeling

Aug. 19, 2007

KYB Corp. will launch its annual "Feeling is Believing" promotion with automotive service providers this fall.

Participating dealers will receive a certificate valid for $10 off future KYB purchases when they buy and install a set of two KYB shocks or struts between Sept. 1 and Oct. 31. They also will receive point of sale items to assist them in selling more shocks and struts.

Dealers will have the flexibility to implement the program as they see fit. They can pass the savings on to consumers, or redeem their certificates on KYB products for their technicians.

"The ultimate purpose of 'Feeling is Believing' is to allow people to feel first hand the additional handling and stability that KYB products provide," says William "Mac" McGovern, director of marketing and training. "A flexible program that is easy to implement is the best way to achieve this."

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