Bridgestone will boost capacity in India, Indonesia

Aug. 22, 2007

Bridgestone Corp. plans to boost production of passenger and light truck tires at its subsidiaries in India and Indonesia to the tune of more than 21 billion yen.

"The economy in India is currently expanding rapidly, and the number of automobiles owned is increasing," say Bridgestone officials.

"As a means to bolster its ability to meet growing demand in higher rim diameter category, (Bridgestone) has decided to increase production capacity at its Indore, India, plant."

Daily production capacity will increase be increased by 4,500 tires to a total of 15,000 tires by 2010.

Meanwhile, Bridgestone plans to boost production capacity at its Karawang, India, plant by by 8,400 tires for a projected total of 27,000 tires by 2010.