SEMA Show, Day Three: Toyo race tire is designed for off-track performance, too

Nov. 1, 2007

Toyo Tire (U.S.A.) Corp. introduced the Proxes R1R, an extreme performance tire designed for sports coupes and sedans. The Proxes R1R provides "the ultimate dry weather traction for the enthusiast driver who wants maximum performance from his or her car," said the company.

The tire features the following:

* a dynamic arrowhead tread pattern for water drainage and wet performance.

* a wide footprint designed to deliver both ultimate handling and an aggressive appearance.

* a high-grip compound that works in concert with an autocross-inspired casing -- products of Toyo's Tmode advanced computer design technology.

* a rim protector molded into the sidewall to help protect expensive wheels from curb damage.

* a high-steel side ply that helps ensure a rapid steering response.

* a spiral-wound cap ply that "contributes to high-speed stability."

The street-legal tire qualifies for the street touring category of SCCA autocross and the street classes for time attack. It is available in four sizes; several additional sizes will be introduced through the middle of 2008.

The size range will span 15- through 18-inch rim diameters.