SEMA Show, Day Three: Vredestein has winter -- and more -- covered

Nov. 1, 2007

Vredestein Tyres North America Inc. has taken its Quatrac 2 to the next level. The result is the Quatrac 3 asymetrical all-season tire.

The next-generation tire has a winter and a passenger side, according to Sales Manager Al Smoke. "That's the new evolution in all-season tires."

1. The inner section has a very open winter tread structure with undulating sipes. This part of the tread also has a high discharge capacity, which helps prevent mud and snow from getting stuck in the tread.

The Quatrac 3 bears both the Snowflake winter tire symbol and the standard M&S symbol.

2. The outermost summer side has a lower air ratio (more rubber, less air) and a small number of straight sipes. In summer conditions, this produces extra grip on the outer shoulder on both dry and wet surfaces.

The Quatrac 3 is available in H- and V-rated sizes. The V-rated sizes range from 195/65R15 to 225/45R17 XL.

There are also two run-flat sizes: 195/55VR16 and 205/55VR16.

Vredestein's Wintrac Xtreme high performance winter tire also has new run-flat sizes that will match BMW and Mini-Cooper run-flat sizes. They are: 205/55HR16, 225/50HR17, 205/45VR17 and 225/45VR17.