Phoenix car customizer wins Dunlop 'Maxxed Out' Award

Nov. 9, 2007

The Phoenix, Ariz.-based owner of a classic 1969 Chevrolet C-10 Shortbed truck has received the Dunlop "Maxxed Out" Award from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Rob Coniam, a builder for Street Beat Customs Inc. in Phoenix, was selected for Dunlop’s fourth annual best-of-show honor at last week's Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.

The restored truck is owned by Rick Freeman, owner of Street Beat

Customs, also of Phoenix.

Gary Medalis, general manager for Dunlop, said Goodyear "expected the Dunlop 'Maxxed Out’ Awards to be very competitive, but the

creativity and style (of entrants) exceeded our expectations."