ConocoPhillips Lubricants Academy updates training

Nov. 27, 2007

ConocoPhillips Co. reports its ConocoPhillips Lubricants Academy has updated a wide range of both Web and classroom-style courses.

Comprehensive computer modules and in-depth offsite product training courses are designed to give ConocoPhillips lubricants marketers a convenient way to continue their lubricants training, according to Harold Tucker, director of technical information and training, ConocoPhillips Commercial Lubricants.

ConocoPhillips Lubricants Academy is currently available in three different formats:

* Computer Based Training (CBT) modules -– These application-specific modules were recently updated to reflect new specifications, topics and products. These can be completed at the marketer’s leisure 24 hours a day. Eleven different modules are currently offered, including passenger car motor oils, synthetic lubricants, transmission oils, base oils, natural gas engine oils, air compressor lubrication and others.

* Industrial Lubrication Training Series –- A series of intensive programs that build on one another for a comprehensive educational experience:

Basic Products Course –- The Basic Products Course, which serves as a pre-requisite for the rest of the academy, takes approximately 30 hours and can be completed online at the marketer’s convenience. The nine overarching topics addressed within the course’s modules include an overview of the petroleum industry, crankcase oils, engine and lubrication fundamentals, chemistry, industrial and fleet lubrication, diesel, gasoline and refining.

Advanced Products Course –- This three-day advanced course expands on the basic properties and product applications covered in the Basic Products Course. Taught in a classroom atmosphere, this comprehensive program covers more products and specific applications in order to provide participants with the knowledge to better service customers.

Industrial Products Course –- This two-week classroom course addresses how applications for specific products covered in the first two sessions can be used. Marketers in this formal training course will also learn much more about specific industries.

Technical Products Course –- This intensive eight-week course expands upon the topics covered in the industrial products classes. Participants will learn much more about product engineering and testing procedures. By passing a comprehensive test at the end of the course, marketers earn a ConocoPhillips Lubricants Academy graduation certificate and become a ConocoPhillips certified Industrial Lubricant Engineers (ILE).

* Heavy Duty Diesel Course –- The focal point of this three-day course is an engine teardown and training in oil anaysis. Marketers learn how to rate engine components for wear, cleanliness and deposits and how those ratings are impacted by engine oils. The course is led by an engineer and product scientist as well as ConocoPhillips Lubricants representatives.

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