Bill also offers small business energy relief

Dec. 18, 2007

The energy bill up for vote in the United States House of Representatives this week also contains language that would help small businesses reduce their energy costs.

Small business provisions in the bill, which was approved by the Senate last week, include:

* the Small Business Administration's implementation of an energy efficiency program.

* establishment of an audit program to boost energy efficiency using Small Business Development Centers.

* promotion of financing agreements between small businesses and utility companies to increase efficient use of energy.

* establishment of loans for small companies to invest in renewable sources of energy.

"The bottom line here is that there could be some serious tax breaks for (businesspeople) who are diligent enough to investigate the new proposals," say officials from the Tire Industry Association.

The energy bill also contains language that would create a national rolling resistance consumer education program. If the Senate approves the bill, it will then go to the White House for presidential ratification.