Leeds West Groups Promotes Leaders to Oversee Midas and Big O Tires

May 28, 2019

Leeds West Groups (LWG) has restructured its operations, resulting in the promotions of five leaders, including two who will oversee the company's Midas and Big O Tires divisions.

Timothy Moran will be in charge of the Leeds West Groups' Midas division, effective April 1, 2019. Moran has served as vice president of the company's Midas Division East Coast, as well as of its Big O Tires division. He joined the company in 2017 after a long career at AutoPart International, an entity of Advance Auto Parts. He will report directly to CEO Judd Kyle Shader.

James Gould has been promoted to vice president of the Leeds West Group Big O Tires division, where he will oversee all day-to-day operations. He too will report directly to Shader. Gould previously served as director of the division and reported to Moran. Gould joined Leeds West in 2013 after working for Midas International.

Matt Lee has been named director of East Coast Midas, a promotion from his previous role as district manager of the Midas division in Connecticut. He was working at the Midas store in Norwalk, Conn., before Leeds West acquired the location. He was then named district manager for the Midas stores in Connecticut. He now will lead Midas operations on the East Coast, with direct responsibility for the store in Connecticut along with the stores in New Jersey.

Ben Oliver was named director of the company's Mid-West Midas division. He'll report to Moran. Oliver worked for Midas in 2013 in Denver, Colo., before relocating to Chicago for a district manager promotion. He will have direct responsibility for the Midas market in Chicago, as well as all of the locations in the Mid-West division.

Brendan LaBarre was promoted from store manager of the company's highest volume Midas store — in Norwalk, Conn.  to additional duties as the Connecticut district manager of Midas locations. He joined Leeds West Group in 2014.

Here's what Leeds West Group CEO Judd Kyle Shader had to say about the restructuring and promotions:

“I am very excited to announce the LW Divisions new field operating structure. This is something that is very well deserved for these five individuals and a decision that was not made or come to lightly. These five individuals have proven track records and their history and desire to build a world class in-field, in-store, hands-on culture with clear training paths for each team member to follow in their footsteps is bar-none. Not only am I excited about this move for these five team members, I’m even more excited that all five positions and structural changes come from within the ranks of the LWG family.

We are truly committed to being the fastest growing after-market franchise automotive repair retail company in the country, and doing so from within the LWG family.

"We are committed to creating a true next level path with the correct structure and guidance that will help us achieve these lofty goals with the full backing and support of our board of directors.

"I could not ask for a better team in our three current division leaders: Alan Mahrt, ASE division chief operating officer, newly promoted Timothy Moran, vice president LW Midas division, and newly promoted James Gould, vice president LWG Big O division to collectively achieve our lofty goals."

Last fall Leeds West Groups took over operations of its 100th store — a Midas store in Aurora, Colo.