TBC Adds a Credit Card for Tire America Customers

June 20, 2019

TBC Corp. has created another credit card option for consumers in partnership with Citi Retail Services: a Tire America credit card.

The Tire America Drive Card is the latest card in a 20-year relationship between TBC and Citi Retail Services, which is a part of Citigroup Inc. The company also offers Citi cards branded for TBC's NTB Tire and Service Centers, Tire Kingdom Service Centers, and Big O Tires stores.

The Tire America card is designed for shoppers on Tire America, TBC's direct-to-consumer online tire store.

Modern Tire Dealer asked if the Tire America card could be used for additional services, like an oil change or brake replacement, once the consumer arrived at the installation location. The answer: no. It's good only for the purchase on the Tire America website.

For more information, visit www.tireamerica.com/finance.