Can’t close the sale? Here’s why

March 31, 2015

What is the top reason customers won’t buy from you? Hint: It has nothing to do with poor online reviews.

Modern Tire Dealer contributor Mike Townsend draws on nearly three decades of retail experience to determine what’s behind a consumer’s decision not to buy from a retail tire store.

Dirty stores, inconvenience, and lack of competitive positioning are among the reasons. Townsend not only ranks the reasons, he explains what you can do about them.

For example, to counter lack of competitive positioning, he says: “Many tire dealers do not tell the consumer ‘why’ they should come to their locations. When employees are untrained and unfamiliar with the proper selling procedures, many consumers will refuse to visit your store after the first visit. Consumers today crave to learn more of the ‘why’ a car needs something additional. They want to be educated.”

Bonus: Townsend also ranks the top 10 reasons customers will buy from you.  

To find out the top reason customers say no to your best offer, read “How to motivate your customers: 20 reasons why they will – and won’t – buy from you” online, in our digital edition and in the March 2015 issue of MTD.