Kumho unveils all-terrain and touring tires

June 1, 2015

Kumho Tire Co. Inc. has introduced the all-terrain, severe snow certified Road Venture AT51 and all-season touring Solus TA11 to the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The Road Venture AT51 will be available June 1 in the U.S. and Canada in 43 sizes with a 55,000 mile/80,000 kilometer limited warranty (P-metric only).

Kumho says the Road Venture AT51 is designed for ultimate control on and off the pavement. The company says the Road Venture AT51 is its most aggressive styled tire and features enhanced tread blocks that bite on ice and firmly grip even the most rugged terrain.

The Road Venture AT51 also proves excellent traction in mud and snow with deep, tapered tread blocks to promote self-cleaning and is made with a cut resistant dual silica compound optimized for strength and heat dispersion, according to Kumho. The Road

Venture AT51 also meets the ‘severe snow’ rating as indicated by the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol.

The AT51 will be covered with a 30-day satisfaction trial warranty in the U.S.

The all-season Solus TA11 is available on June 1 in 44 sizes for vehicles from sedans to light SUVs. It has a a 75,000 mile/130,000 kilometer limited warranty and road hazard protection.

Engineered for driving on all roads from coast to coast no matter the season, the Solus TA11 features waved sipes and a four groove tread for superior wet traction and excellent winter handling, according to Kumho. Drivers will also experience better mileage due to an advanced carbon compound designed for low rolling resistance.

Kumho Tire USA Inc. and Kumho Canada Inc. are the North American sales, marketing, product development, and distribution arm of Kumho Tire Co. For more information, visit www.KumhoTireUSA.com and www.KumhoTire.ca.

The Road Venture AT51 and Solus TA11 are two of the six tires which Kumho plans to launch in 2015. For more on the new products and their timelines for launch, see MTD’s coverage of the company’s annual dealer meeting: “New tires and promotions boost Kumho brand.”