Pirelli announces tire nominations for Silverstone, Hungaroring, Spa, and Monza

June 18, 2015

Pirelli has confirmed the 2015 tire choices up to its home grand prix in Italy.

For Silverstone, a fast and flowing circuit that puts plenty of energy through the tires, the two hardest compounds in the range are nominated: P Zero Orange hard and P Zero White medium.

This race will be followed by the Hungaroring, Spa and Monza, where the P Zero White medium and P Zero Yellow soft tires have been nominated – but for very different reasons, to match the varied characteristics of each track. Temperatures can be very high at the Hungaroring, so the selection will provide resistance to thermal degradation.

Spa is the longest lap of the year, where the medium and soft should provide consistent performance.

Monza is Pirelli’s home race and the ‘temple of speed’, with the two tires set to open up interesting possibilities for race strategy.

These nominations are the same as those for last year, apart from Monza – where the hard and medium compounds were selected in 2014.