Greaves family sweep in Charlotte

July 13, 2015

It was a Greaves family sweep this weekend in TORC: The Off-Road Championship presented by AMSOIL as the series made its annual trip to NASCAR country for Showdown in Charlotte, Rounds 9 and 10 in the national championship series.
Defending PRO 4WD champion Johnny Greaves dominated Saturday’s Round 10, while his son CJ Greaves finished runner-up. The two had also finished one-two a day earlier – but it was CJ Greaves who earned the win on Friday. The parallel results meant no change to the PRO 4WD points spread after the ninth and 10th rounds in the championship. The younger Greaves remains a slim six points ahead of his father.
But CJ Greaves got his turn on the top of the podium In the PRO 2WD race Saturday night, and Doug Mittag repeated on Saturday with his second-straight PRO Light win of the weekend.
To win Saturday’s PRO 4WD race, Johnny Greaves got around Mike Jenkins to take an early lead while CJ Greaves, Mike Jenkins, Scott Douglas, and Chad Hord banged fender to fender from the green to the checkers. The younger Greaves took the runner-up spot, while a bobble by Douglas on the last lap gave Jenkins the opportunity he needed to claim the last spot on the podium.
“When I got out in front, I got a little room. I had Mike pressuring me the whole time and I knew CJ was back there,” Johnny Greaves said from the podium. “It was good.”
ROUND 10: PRO 4WD Results:
1. No. 22 Johnny Greaves
2. No. 33 CJ Greaves
3. No. 47 Mike Jenkins
4. No. 7 Scott Douglas
5. No. 9 Chad Hord
In PRO 2WD on Saturday, CJ Greaves shook off a rough crash Friday night to extend his championship lead with a win in Round 10. Second-generation racer Arie Luyendyk Jr. led for nearly the entire first half, but Greaves was able to barely nose past him at the finish line for the mandatory caution.
On the caution lap, Luyendyk made it known he wasn’t happy with Greaves. “Me and Arie went across the line side by side,” Greaves said. “I think I had a little more than a nose on him. He thought he had it, I thought I had it. Someone said he was pointing at me or giving me hand signals but I didn’t see any of that. I just went out there to race and win.”
After the restart, Luyendyk spun out and it was Marty Hart who took the runner-up spot Saturday. Former PRO Light champion Brad Lovell turned in a strong performance, finishing third for his second podium of the 2015 season. “Everybody was kind of on marbles out there and we were battling -- a lot of contact,” said Hart after the race. “Not a lot of it was intentional, but a lot of guys were over-rotating and it was just a busy, busy race.”
Doug Mittag and Keegan Kincaid, who finished first and second Friday night, both failed to finish Saturday. Mittag lost his power steering before the green flag and ran only two laps, while Kincaid’s truck caught fire midway through the race.
1. No. 33 CJ Greaves
2. No. 15 Marty Hart
3. No. 44 Brad Lovell
4. No. 74 Jarit Johnson
5. No. 25 Arie Luyendyk Jr.
6. No. 13 Tony Megois
7. No. 7 Keegan Kincaid
8. No. 81 Doug Mittag
PRO Light:
Saturday’s PRO Light race saw Doug Mittag take the win over Shawn Morris in second and Luke Johnson in third. It was a physical race that saw plenty of contact between trucks throughout the field. It was Mittag’s second win in a row. He also took the victory Friday night’s PRO Light race.
At the start, Crandon winner Travis Dinsmore looked strong until Morris reeled him in, and then Mittag passed them both for the lead. When Dinsmore pitted with tire issues, Johnson moved into third. “I feel awesome right now,” said an ecstatic Mittag from the podium. “To sweep the weekend was awesome. I love this Charlotte track and I love these Charlotte fans.”
1. No. 81 Doug Mittag
2. No. 27 Shawn Morris
3. No. 14 Luke Johnson
4. No. 15 Jessie Johnson
5. No. 41 Kyle Hart
6. No. 9 Bobby Runyan Jr.
7. No. 21 Cam Reimers
8. No. 29 Chad Rayford
9. No. 55 Jake Lunderby
10. No. 151 Andrew Carlson
11. No. 5 Hans Ada
12. No. 31 Colten Moore
13. No. 43 Travis Dinsmore
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