Loren Healy wins ULTRA4’s 4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix

July 24, 2015

DynoMax driver Loren Healy won first place at the ULTRA4 4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix. On a tight, windy course, Healy maneuvered through a field of broken rigs to secure the win.

DynoMax also had multiple qualifiers for the event including Jason Scherer, Tom Wayes, Levi Shirley, Wayland Campbell and Bailey Campbell. In the 4500 Modified series race, Justin Hall picked up a second-place finish.

“Members of Team DynoMax had some exciting races at Glen Helen,” said Chris Gauss, director of performance products, Tenneco. “Congrats to Loren for keeping the winning streak alive, and to Justin Hall, he’s a true ‘every man’ racer who enjoys working on his rig in his driveway – both drivers are great competitors and we’re excited to see how they fare as the season continues.”

In the 4400 race, many drivers opted for 37-inch tires, as the course did not feature many rocks. Scherer, Healy and Campbell battled through a portion of the race, with Healy eventually pulling away. Healy built a large lead after Wayes encountered mechanical issues, Scherer lost a belt that took out his engine and Shirley left the course with a transmission failure. Thanks to that lead, when Healy rolled over and landed back on his wheels, he was able to keep running, taking the win by less than three seconds.

Shannon and Wayland Campbell made some calculated race-day decisions following Shannon’s time penalties. Wayland was able to drive Shannon’s rig for the race because he qualified higher. Wayland’s race was cut short when Shannon’s rig lost 4WD, but he still secured a sixth place finish due to his completed number of laps. Bailey Campbell also finished the race in eighth place.

Fifty drivers competed in the 4400 Series, including those on Team DynoMax. DynoMax Performance Exhaust is “The Official Performance Exhaust” of Ultra4.

Healy, Hall and other Team DynoMax racers are running the Race Bullet muffler. It features a compact, round, straight-through design for maximum exhaust flow and power. The Race Bullet muffler features an aluminized or stainless steel design for longer life, and can flow in any direction. It is ideal for tight clearance installations and is lightweight.

For more information about ULTRA4 racing, please visit www.ultra4racing.com.