Respected, trusted and loved

Sept. 1, 2005

Paul Zurcher says his Tire Dealer of the Year award should go to "our people and our partners." But it's clear his employees and partners believe he is more than deserving of the tire industry's most prestigious award. They shared the following thoughts about him:

Jeff Kirk, Zurcher Tire wholesale manager and Best-One partner: "Paul is like my dad. My father died in 1983. Paul said, 'I'll treat you like I treat my own son.' He lets other people achieve their dreams. That's what it's all about."

Pete Glesing, Best-One director of commercial development: "Paul is my mentor. I love him. I had other offers during my career but when Mr. Zurcher asked me to work for him, there was no turning back. He's honest, he has integrity and he leads by example. The reason people work hard for him is because they don't want to disappoint him."

John Miller, Best-One director of retail development: “Dale Carnegie said, 'Don't criticize, condemn or complain,' and that's Paul. I was honored to have the opportunity to work for his organization. I learned more working for Paul in a couple of years than during my whole education. If you want to know how to run a business, talk to Paul Zurcher."

Rich Elliott, president, Premier Bandag, and one of Paul’s partners: There are very few men in this world like Paul. He has a very deep-seated Christian faith and lives his life unwaveringly according to the values found in that faith. No matter what situation he's in, those values drive his life. He has a love for people and a desire for them to pursue the American dream. People follow (leaders) because of who they are and what they represent, and that describes Paul."