TCS releases latest version of software

Jan. 17, 2003

TCS Software LLC of Nashville, Tenn., has released Version 6 of its Tire Company Solution software, a Windows-based, fully integrated point-of-sale and accounting system for tire dealers and automotive service companies.

"The design of Tire Company Solution Version 6 eliminates the requirement of buying costly proprietary hardware and third-party software licensing. Our design allows our clients to utilize the service of their local hardware vendor to provide faster service and lower support costs," says Mike Neyman, TCS software technical director.

There are several new features with Tire Company Solution 6, including multi-site capabilities, which eliminates the need for complicated database products which carry expensive licensing fees, extensive learning curves, and a greater dependency on tech support, the company notes.

Tire Company Solution Version 6 provides a cost effective, user-friendly software solution for shop owners with one computer or several stores, say company officials.

"All you need to use our software is a standard 266mhz PC running Windows 98 or better. One can utilize the multisite features with just a standard Microsoft Windows server and an Internet connection. Your stores will be able to use the same inventory list and database," says Terry Mullican, Tire Company Solution project director.

The screens and reports have also been updated to give more information at a glance. The ability to use pictures in the inventory section and better tools for tracking vendor orders have been added, as well.

Version 6 represents a collaboration between TCS Software and their sister company TCS Technologies, a pioneer in the field of communications systems for more than 15 years, the company says.

TCS Technologies staff, comprised of Microsoft-certified system engineers and certified technicians for Citrix, Cisco and SonicWall, "provides a reservoir of knowledge and experience that software developers typically don't have at their disposal."

By working together, the two companies combined their knowledge and strengths to produce a flexible application optimized for today's off-the-shelf PCs and networking hardware, according to Neyman.

"We are excited about Tire Company Solution 6 and feel it is the answer dealers are looking for. Whether for an established company or those who are just now recognizing the need to implement technology into their businesses, we have the product to meet their needs," says Randy Dalton, TCS Software's director of operations.