Target Tire partners with software provider

Feb. 1, 2003

Target Tire Inc. has signed an agreement with Progressive Automotive Systems Inc. (PAS) to provide a direct link between its e-commerce information system, Target OnLine, and Progressive's R.O. Writer point-of-sale software.

The interface between systems will be marketed as a separate R.O. Writer software module that will provide a direct link with Target Tire's information system for select Target Tire customers. The module will allow for Target Tire customers to view inventory quantities, pricing and "send orders" to Target's e-commerce system from within the R.O. Writer POS system.

The planned release date of the interface module is tentatively scheduled for March 1.

Target Tire President Howard Stein says the company reviewed many different point-of-sale systems on the market before deciding on PAS. Target desired functional capabilities such as automotive shop activity tracking; flexibility and expandability in modular form; Internet usage; and system cost.

Target introduced its Target OnLine e-commerce Web site in late 2001. A majority of Target's customer purchases are entered through the Web site, according to the company.

At today's 2003 Target Tire Dealer Meeting, Stein announced Target's decision to co-op the cost of the software, a $250,000 expense to the company.