Michelin's new Diamaris SUV tire gets picked up by Porsche

Feb. 19, 2003

Michelin's new 20-inch Diamaris SUV tire will be original equipment on the new Porsche Cayenne S and Turbo vehicles.

The Y-rated Diamaris is designed with both performance and 4x4 truck tire attributes. The Porsche Cayenne is the first SUV engineered to travel up to 165 mph.

The Michelin Diamaris uses "the same tread compound strategy as our Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires that will outfit the upcoming Carerra GT," says Tom Chubb, vice president of marketing for Michelin's Automotive Industry Division.

The tires combine cornering power, high-speed capability and load carrying capacity on both dry and wet surfaces. In addition, the tires are tuned for the Cayenne to deliver maximum ride comfort and minimize road noise.

Other Porsche vehicles fitted with Michelin tires include the Porsche 911, 928, 968, 944, GT2, GT3 and Boxster.