TIA 'tests the waters' with part-time director of sales

April 15, 2003

The Tire Industry Association (TIA), in preparation for a big push for membership, has hired a director of sales on a part-time, trial basis.

"We're looking at different things we want to get more involved in," says Roy Littlefield, TIA's new executive vice president.

To that end, Littlefield hired Wilson Beach on a three-month trial basis in late March. As director of sales, Beach will receive a commission on new members he brings in. "We're testing the waters," says Littlefield.

If the arrangement works out, he could be hired on a more permanent basis, says Littlefield, who worked with Beach at their former organization, the Service Station Dealers of America.

Jill Mondo, director of membership for TIA, will focus on membership retention.

Littlefield says exactly what the association will decide won't become apparent until after the budget is discussed at TIA's board meeting in early May.