NY dealers protest waste tire law

Sept. 11, 2003

The New York Tire Dealers Association (NYTDA) is seeking an amendment to the state's Waste Tire Management & Recycling Act of 2003 that collects a $2.50 per tire fee by any person or business that sells or installs new tires.

Seventy percent of the $28 million the act is expected to generate will go to New York's general fund with less than a third going to the state's scrap tire fund.

Business owners affected by the new rule are allowed to keep 25-cents per tire from the fee but will not be allowed to apply separate charges to recover the cost of managing old tire disposal.

"Our state's tire dealers will be placed at a competitive disadvantage to tire dealers across the borders in New Jersey and Connecticut," says the NYTDA's Ernie Caramanico.

"In order to comply with this law, New York's tire dealers must hide any disposal or environmental fees in the advertised price of their tires, so compared to our neighbors, it will look like we're charging more and we will lose business."

The NYTDA is working together with both the Tire Industry Association and the Rubber Manufacturers Association on the case.