Dunlop RVXT targets 'in the know' driving enthusiasts

Sept. 18, 2003

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.'s new Dunlop Rover RVXT all-terrain performance SUV/light truck tire is now available in 16 sizes with 15 more to be released through October. Sizes range from 15- to 17-inch diameters.

The Dunlop Rover RVXT (XT for extreme) replaces two existing product lines, the Dunlop Rover RV and Rover P-Metric.

The tire is targeted at "car enthusiasts," says Roz Kennon, Dunlop director of consumer tire marketing. "Once we have them, the rest of the crowd will follow."

Features of the Dunlop Rover RVXT include:

* extra-wide, high-density steel belts;

* deep lateral grooves for extra traction;

* a rugged, four-rib tread pattern for optimum on- and off-road performance;

* a circumferential subtread for confident handling and an "on-center" feel;

* a 48-pitch, five element tread designed for a quiet ride;

* a ventless design for a clean appearance;

* tread elements that extend down the sidewall to protect it from potential off-road scuffing;

* and enhanced sidewall styling with outline white letters and a highly serrated band.

The new tire also carries the Rubber Manufacturers Association standard that designates tires designed for use in severe snow conditions.

It will be produced at the company's Buffalo, N.Y., and Huntsville, Ala., plants and will be priced below luxury lines, says Kennon.

SUV and light truck target vehicle applications include the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder, Chevy Suburban and Dodge Dakota.

Dunlop Tires is making available POS and merchandising materials to support the launch of the tire. This includes radio scripts, posters, consumer handouts and Web site updates at

This new tire is a step in the company's plans "to fill out product lines, fill gaps and continually upgrade existing products we have to lead innovation in the markeplace," adds Kennon.