Treadways introduces PowerLine products

Oct. 13, 2003

Treadways Corp.'s new PowerLine concept will replace the company's current Laramie, Jetzon and Telstar products while "substantially reconfiguring" its Eldorado brand line-up, according to Treadways officials.

Laramie, Jetzon and Telstar "are completely starting over," they say.

Treadways' Sumitomo brand will not be affected.

The private brand marketer's PowerLine concept will extend to the Laramie, Jetzon, Telstar and Eldorado brands and will allow "a significant reduction in SKUs and a corresponding increase in market coverage."

The program will offer "good" and "premium"-level products, according to Treadways' Dan Wire.

Initially, "good" will encompass 55 SKUs for each line, while "premium" will encompass 67 SKUs for each line. PowerLines will include passenger, P-metric light truck and LT tires, with a line of performance, ultra-high performance and sport LT tires to roll out near the end of 2004.

"Each of our brands will have a unique product offering. From a size standpoint, they'll look the same, but tread designs will be completely different."

Branded PowerLine products will cover an estimated 85% of the market. Treadways will use a new product, Triton, to cover the rest.

"As a new SKU comes in, we'll bring it into Triton," says Treadways officials. "If its popularity increases, we'll move it out of Triton and into another brand."

Triton will allow Treadways to react quickly to changing size demands, but it won't be classified or identified as a specific brand like Laramie, Jetzon, etc. "It's more of a supplemental product."

Treadways is cutting nearly 300 SKUs -- 30% of its current offering -- as part of the PowerLine transition, according to Wire.

The PowerLine roll-out will begin during mid-November. "The majority will come out during the first quarter of 2004. We should be finalized by mid to late second quarter 2004."

Wire does not expect supply interruptions.

PowerLine tires -- which will range from 13 to 17 inches in diameter with 45- through 85-series aspect ratios -- are being manufactured by Treadways' existing suppliers.