Goodyear outlines new consumer tire management team

Oct. 31, 2003

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.'s North American Tire operations has announced a series of new assignments in its consumer tire replacement business.

Under Jack Winterton, vice president, consumer tire sales, will be seven positions that focus on specific customers and distribution channels. They are:

* John Peer -- director, dealer sales and retail operations.

* Scott Soltis -- director, Discount Tire Team.

* Barry Petrea -- director, TBC Team.

* Todd Hershberger -- director, Wal-Mart/Sam's Club Team.

* Tom Gravalos -- director, key accounts.

* Chris Robinson -- general manager, sales operations.

* Dave Carlson -- manager, field training and merchandising managers.

Peer is a 32-year Goodyear veteran. He will manage Goodyear's dealer sales business as well as continue to oversee the retail operations.

Soltis began his Goodyear career in the retail store network, then moved into corporate accounts, most recently serving as strategic account manager for Goodyear's business with Sam's Club.

Petrea is a 31-year Goodyear/Kelly-Springfield Tire associate who has handled a broad range of assignments. He began managing Goodyear's strategic distributor accounts earlier this year.

Hershberger began his career with Kelly-Springfield and most recently led the successful mass retail team within the former corporate accounts group.

Gravalos began his Goodyear career in 1975 in retail operations, then worked in a variety of sales promotions, market analysis and merchandising positions. He also was a regional sales manager before entering the mass retailer and corporate accounts business.

Robinson became general manager, consumer sales operations, in 2002. He has served as a store manager, district manager, product manager for Kelly auto tires and an account manager.

Carlson joined Goodyear in 1973 and spent 11 years as a retail store manager. He also has held positions in training, programming and corporate accounts management.