2011 EV Cup, the world's first electric vehicle racing series

April 27, 2011

The series launches with four races in the UK followed by a race in Belgium with two races in California completing the seven-race 2011 calendar.

The EV Cup 2011 schedule is:

Aug 6             Silverstone, England

Aug 20           Snetterton, England

Sep 10           Rockingham, England

Sep 18           Zolder, Belgium

Nov 6             Brands Hatch, England

Nov 26           Laguna Seca, USA

Dec 17           California Speedway, USA

Sylvain Filippi, one of the founders of the EV Cup, said: “We are very excited by the races we have organised for this year. Being able to add two races in California takes us in exactly the direction we have targeted. We only launched the EV Cup in January so to be able to arrange seven races in year one is a sign that the world is ready for electric car racing.

“We are now into detailed planning for each event. We want to combine the traditional excitement of motor racing with an event that showcases the latest in electric motoring technology. It is our intention to make each event a great day out. There will be bands playing between races and a chance for everyone to take a close up look at the latest electric cars.”

Former Formula One British champion Damon Hill is a supporter of the EV Cup.  “I think the time is fast approaching when we will have to rethink our expectations regarding private road transport generally. The advantages of electric vehicles in urban environments are too many to miss. Less noise and less direct pollution are just two.  The race is to save the planet from us! Racing electric vehicles should convince the wider public of their potential. Racing was initially used to develop and prove a new product called the motor car. I see no reason why electric vehicle development will not benefit in the same way. Who knows what is ultimately possible?”

Ben Collins, who appeared in the popular television series Top Gear as The Stig and spoke at the launch of the EV Cup back in January of this year said: “Electric Vehicles represent a new dawn in motoring by running on clean energy that can be sourced as locally as organic sausages. It’s surprising that mankind has taken so long to embrace the technology.

“Motorsport still offers the purest research and development platform to deliver the true potential of electric power and dynamic energy recovery; perhaps to a level that will shame the carbon combustion engine the way rubber tyres did the wooden cartwheel. EV is developing fast and the current crop of road cars are superb to drive. With a dedicated racing series that encompasses both road and racecar development, the next steps will be more like a quantum leap.”