New OTC HD brake drum/rotor puller

Nov. 9, 2011

SPX Corp. has unveiled the OTC Heavy-Duty Brake Drum and Rotor Puller (P/N 6980). The unit is designed to handle large component pulls such as brake drums, rotors, drive wheels, gears, flywheels and pulleys.

SPX says the OTC 6980 is well-suited for removing rusty components where corrosion makes removal almost impossible. The OTC 6980 also helps reduce damage to the wheel bearing by eliminating the need to repeatedly strike or heat the brake drum to free it from the hub.

"From the spring clip release at the top - to the radius at the bottom - these jaws are easy to set in place, strong enough for the most stubborn jobs, yet thin enough to fit between a brake drum and backing plate," said Dirk Skogerboe, OTC product manager of Professional Specialty Tools.

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