The Tire Pros Pledge: 'Hassle-Free. Guaranteed.'

June 25, 2018

Tire Pros dealers across the country are making a new promise to consumers — that they'll provide hassle-free service. This summer the retail group will unveil the "Hassle-Free. Guaranteed." message in a new national campaign.

The campaign has a simple yet mighty goal: to drive traffic to Tire Pros locations.

Tire Pros, a subsidiary of American Tire Dealers Inc., created the campaign after extensive consumer research, plus efforts from the group's mission-based and national dealer councils. Dealers will be able to use and customize the tag line for use in their individual markets. It also will be used in regional and national messages.

“This campaign was built by and for our Tire Pros dealers who we believe are truly the best in the business," says Ron Sinclair, president of Tire Pros and senior vice president of retail strategy and partnerships for ATD. "These marketing assets will drive consumer traffic and car count to Tire Pros stores. Our franchisees have asked for a multi-faceted campaign with both traditional and online digital components, and the councils delivered.”

The campaign centers around a TV commercial with children on tricycles, bicycles and skateboards. “Your first set of wheels didn’t come with complications, or strings, or hassles,” the voiceover says. “It can be that way again.”

The campaign includes multiple TV and streaming radio spots, print, social and digital ads.

“Announcements like this really validate our decision to join the Tire Pros family back in 2012,” says Lynda Kester of Big Red Tire Pros in Lincoln, Neb., and member of the Marketing Mission-Based Council “From technology and training to initiatives aimed at improving the customer experience, Tire Pros is constantly delivering new ways for us to grow our businesses and succeed in our markets.”