MTD Dealer Profile: Charlie Creighton

Sept. 1, 2007

Full Name: Charles Alfred Creighton

Age: 63

Family: Susan B. Creighton (wife); C. Scott and Marshall Creighton (son and daughter-in-law); Andrew and Stephanie Bergeron (son-in-law and daughter); and six grandchildren.  

I am most proud of: my family.

My hobbies and interests include: boating, fishing and in years past, hunting. 

My favorite childhood memory: being on the dairy farm with my grandfather.

My biggest regret: not being a better golfer.

My favorite books: "Uncommon Carriers" by John McPhee

My favorite sport: football.

My favorite athletes: Phil Mickelson

My favorite movie: "Out of Africa"

My favorite food: steak.

My favorite politician: none. 

If I could change one thing about myself: I would have more will power to be in better shape.

My goal in life is: to be kind to everyone.

A perfect evening for me is: a nice summer night at the beach with family and friends.

The smartest thing I've ever done: marry my wife, Susan, 42 years ago.

Best advice my parents ever gave me: Do what is right at all times.

My advice to my children: Practice the Golden Rule every day.

My advice to a tire dealer who is just starting out: Try to find a special niche and always provide the best customer service.

The greatest things about the tire industry today: It provides an opportunity for successful business taht seems to be somewhat recession-proof.