RMA revises tire replacement guidelines manual

Jan. 25, 2005

The Rubber Manufacturers Association has published a revised version of its tire replacement guidelines.

The eight-page manual, which includes a supplement, contains industry recommended guidelines and important safety information when replacing passenger tires and light truck tires (through load range "E"). The information provides general guidelines and considerations for tire replacement.

(For situations not addressed by the replacement guidelines or for questions about specific products and vehicle fitments, the RMA recommends that consumers contact the vehicle manufacturer, tire manufacturer or a tire dealer.)

Key topics in RMA’s Replacement Guidelines for Passenger and Light Truck Tires include:

* selecting replacement tires for a vehicle.

* tire mixing.

* replacing fewer than four tires.

* plus sizing.

* tire rim/wheel selection.

* other "important considerations" regarding tire size, pressure, load, and speed rating.

The manual also includes a resource supplement, which features standards tables for approved rim widths, LT load/inflation and some obsolete data. The manual and supplement information caters to tire dealers, service technicians and service station owners who sell passenger and light truck tires.

A sample manual and supplement can be downloaded and printed from the "Publications" area of the RMA Web site, www.rma.org. Printed copies also are available for purchase through the Web site or by calling (800) 325-5095, ext. 242.

International orders can only be ordered by phone at (330) 723-2978, ext. 242, or by FAX at (330) 725-0576.

RMA publications are drafted and maintained by committees comprised of the RMA's tire manufacturing members.