Hennessy introduces Coats RC-200 motorcycle tire changer

Feb. 14, 2005

Hennessy Industries' new Coats RC-200 motorcycle tire changer has three-position motorcycle rim clamps that provide clearance for sprockets and brake discs. The clamps can handle motorcycle rims up to 23 inches and ATV rims down to six inches.

The unit also has a Robo-Arm that flexes even the stiffest sidewalls on chopper tires, the company adds.

A sculpted motorcycle bead loosener blade is contoured for motorcycle wheels and tires, and easily handles both wide and narrow tires.

The new gear-reduction turntable features controlled speed, which protects expensive rims and provides more torque at low speed so the operator can better manage the tire changing process. The operator can even control clamp pressure to provide optimum clamping efficiency.

Special clamp, lift tool, and bead loosener socks, plus duckhead booties, provide a total protection system, eliminating any metal-to-metal contact between tire changer and rim during the changing process.