Toyo provides grant for environmental preserve

May 18, 2005

The Toyo Group Environmental Protection Fund, in conjunction with Toyo Tire North America Inc. (TNA) and the Toyo Group, has provided a grant of $9,268.70 to the Margaret and Luke Pettit Environmental Preserve Inc. to assist in safeguarding the organization’s 66-acre property in Bartow County, Ga.

The grant is the first Toyo Group Environmental Protection Fund contribution to any nonprofit organization outside of Japan.

It provides resources for the construction of new trails on the Pettit Preserve site, offering access to an unspoiled landscape and outdoor living laboratory dedicated to environmental and biological study by visiting youth groups and students of all ages.

The Margaret and Luke Pettit Environmental Preserve, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established to provide a sanctuary for environmental studies, a haven for endangered species, and a research area of educational and scientific value for students from the elementary level to advanced university studies, the company says.

Headquartered in White, Ga., and a member of the Toyo Group of companies, TNA considers the environmental safety and well-being of the community as one of the company's highest priorities.

TNA is dedicated to working with the local community through active involvement, funding and participation in long-term programs to promote preservation of the region's natural resources.

"We believe the Pettit Preserve serves the community in a unique way and because of this, we are pleased to support such an important and worthwhile program," said Shozo (Carlos) Kibata, president and CEO of TNA.

"Preserving the environment and providing an outlet for interactive learning is of great importance for any community. It is our hope that this grant enables the Pettit Preserve to continue to give the youth of Bartow County a valuable educational experience and stimulate a respect and understanding of the environment."

The Toyo Group is globally committed to preserving the environment and in 1992 established the Toyo Group Environmental Protection Fund within the Osaka Community Foundation. The Fund is made up of a matching gift system, whereby the company matches donations from Toyo employees. Because donors wish to see their funds applied to regionally based programs and activities, grants are provided mainly in regions in which the group has facilities.

"We view the Toyo Group Environmental Protection Fund as a reflection of the harmony that exists between the environmental concern of employees as individual citizens, and a company directive of emphasizing care for the environment within all of our business activities," added Kibata.