BFNT adds to associate tire brand lineup

July 5, 2005

Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC (BFNT) has added to its associate brand lineup.

The Dayton Daytona HR with UNI-T technology features directional slots, sipes and wide tread grooves to help evacuate water, resist hydroplaning and to provide surefooted traction and handling in a variety of conditions, wet or dry, the company says.

Fifteen H-speed rated metric sizes are currently available in the line and three additional sizes will launch in the fall(*): 185/65R15 88H, 205/60R15 91H, 205/55R16 91H, 195/65R15 91H, 215/60R15 94H, 215/55R16 93H, 205/65R15 94H, 225/60R15 96H, 225/55R16 95H, 185/60R14 82H, 205/60R16 92H, 195/60R14 86H, 215/60R16 95H, 195/60R15 88H, 225/60R16 98H, 205/40R17XL 84H*, 215/50R17 91H* and 225/50R16 92H*.

The Duralon Vertex IV Plus features an all-season tread design to assure "touring class" wet and dry performance plus luxury-ride comfort and quiet sound. The tire is available in six metric and 15 P-metric, T-speed rated sizes for broad vehicle coverage:

175/70R13 82T, P185/65R14 85T, P195/60R14 85T, 185/70R14 88T, 185/65R15 88T, P195/60R15 87T, 195/70R14 91T, P195/65R15 89T, P205/60R15 90T, 205/70R14 95T, P205/65R15 92T, P215/60R15 93T, P205/70R15 95T, P215/65R15 95T, P215/60R16 94T, P215/70R15 97T, 215/65R16 98T, P225/60R16 97T, P175/65R14 81T, P185/60R14 82T and P205/55R16 89T.