Michelin starts F1 refund process

July 18, 2005

Michelin North America Inc.'s (MNA) program to provide refunds for ticketholders who attended the June 19 United States Grand Prix has begun.

"By working with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we've created a thorough and quick process to reach out to all those fans present at the U.S. Grand Prix and offer them the face value refund for their race day ticket," says MNA Chairman and President Jim Micali.

"In addition to the ticket refund, we will provide 20,000 tickets to the 2006 U.S. Grand Prix at Indianapolis to dedicated fans who purchased tickets to this year's race. We hope through these gestures to encourage the further development of Formula One (racing) in the U.S."

Ticket refunds will be administered through the Indianapolis Speedway. Claims process details will be available on-line at www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com, starting Aug. 8.

Several racing teams pulled out of the June 19 event due to concerns about the safety of their Michelin brand tires.