'Tire efficiency' bill dropped, reports RMA

July 25, 2005

The Rubber Manufacturers Association has learned that the rolling resistance/"tire efficiency" provision to a bill that was recently reviewed by the Energy Bill Conference Committe has been dropped.

"During the course of debate (in the committee) the tire efficiency provision was changed to include unncecessary and burdensome reporting requirements that would have been in addition to those alreay required by the TREAD Act," says an RMA spokesman.

"We are continuing to monitor the conference committee deliberations and remain in contact with committee staff and congressional offices to ensure that the provision is not resurrected."

The committee "may complete action on the energy bill as early as today in the hope of having a final measure approved by the full House and Senate and sent to the White House by Friday, before the start of the August congressional recess."

The RMA previoulsy stated that any action taken by the government to enact a tire efficiency program that would mandate lower rolling resistance requirements before studies on the subject were completed "would be premature."