Goodyear supports tires with new Web sites

Aug. 1, 2005

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has introduced a pair of Internet Web sites dedicated to new tires bearing the SilentArmor name.

The tires -- Fortera featuring SilentArmor Technology and Wrangler featuring SilentArmor Technology -- are drawing heavy interest from tire retailers and consumers, according to the company.

Tire shoppers looking for more information about the new Fortera, which is designed for SUVs, can visit

The complementary Wrangler featuring SilentArmor Technology site is

The dedicated Web sites provide a host of features to educate consumers both before and after a SilentArmor tire purchase. Included are sections such as:

* "Find a Tire." This feature allows the site visitor to match up a vehicle with possible SilentArmor fitments by specific tire size.

* "Find a Retailer." Typing in a zip code lets consumers find their nearest outlet for SilentArmor tires.

* "Technology." An overview of technical innovations associated with the SilentArmor tires can be found in this section.

* "Goodyear Garage." Consumers can register to receive periodic service reminders, product news and exclusive savings offers.

* "Fun Stuff." Downloadable SilentArmor computer wallpaper and screen savers can be found here.

"We continue to add more features to the site, including a way for customers to give feedback on how the tires have performed for them," says Todd Hershberger, Goodyear's light truck tire marketing manager.

Both of the SilentArmor tires feature an Armor Zone that is made of a layer with DuPont Kevlar; a Durawall sidewall that helps resist punctures and cuts; a rugged Rim Guard that helps protect wheels from curb damage; and technology that helps soak up road noise for a smooth and quiet ride.